Brand&Stone was born within MarmoMac, a leading trade fair for the exhibition of stone materials that supports and sustains Brand&Stone in all its editions. The exhibition was created to bring high level design into the fair, finding in Danilo Di Michele an astute visionary who gives life to an exhibition characterised by finesse and refinement.

Brand&Stone is supported by the international communication agency DDM Branding, of which Di Michele is the founder, but it is together with architect Giorgio Canale that the exhibition becomes a bridge between two seemingly distant worlds: that of renowned brands and that of more experienced craftspeople.

One of the elements that constantly accompanies the exhibition, in addition to good taste, is BiancoBianco, a brand that produces avant-garde design furniture with refined traditional materials. Jerry Chery, CEO of the brand, contributes to Brand&Stones with a careful search for comfort, aimed at compounding functionality and style.

The most elegant brands collaborate with high-end designers to create unprecedented works made by companies specialized in working stone materials. Thus it is that from the rawest stone comes the most delicate work of class. A union is fostered between the excellence of the stone world and internationally renowned designers who succeed in bringing out the potential of natural stone.

The importance of this exhibition is fundamental in creating not only original pieces of furniture, but also new opportunities for collaboration and future business developments among the participants.



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Furniture Upcycling: The future of repurpose and re-use

Moderated by: Danilo Di Michele and Marina Jonna
Special guests: Antonella Andriani, Jerry Chery, Massimo Castagna, Christophe Mercier, Sofia Joelsson, Simona Chevalier and Giovanni Bressana, Renato Zamberlan.